Friday, November 13, 2009

I realize how much of my blogging has been focused solely on the artwork of Maelorum, so I thought I would share a little on my writing. When I write I tend to listen to music, usually on my Ipod or internet radio such as Radio Rivendell on Shoutcast or Pandora. Music can provide you with a rhythm to your work, get in a groove or in the mood. Sometimes it gives you that little push to keep going. Maelorum has been written to the tunes of bands like Alice in Chains, tool, and Led Zeppelin and more. Alternately I have done much while listening to the ambient "Groove Salad" internet station. On another note, Maelorum is written almost entirely in 2nd person, a very difficult perspective. My challenge is to make you believe you are the character, and submerge you into this world. So how do you make a fantasy adventure read as though it were really happening to you? Hopefully that's an accomplishment I succeed with. What's more, often this has to be done in segments as small as a single paragraph. Here's a sample:

"You know, when I was a boy my Father used to take me down this road on these long hunting trips. More like a rite of passage or whatever you'd call it, really. I used to wonder what was at the other end of the road." You say in remembrance.
"Did you ever find out? Did he tell you?" Bryn replies.
"No, I never asked. I guess I never wanted to know, if that makes any sense. Some dreams you don't want shattered."
"I know what you mean," The boy says drearily, "I could tell you if you want. I know what's back there, beyond the borders of the Kingdom, all the way to the cliffs that fall to the sea."
"No. I'd rather not know, actually," You consider, "I still have hope that someday I'll see it for myself. You have to have hope in something to keep you going. What do you hope for, Bryn?"
"Revenge." The boy says icily.
Something about the green flash of his eyes sends a chill down your spine...

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