Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trollin in the Deep

With the first Draft of Maelorum finished, I'm still left with finishing the artwork, which is coming along nicely. Also, the Game part of this "Gamebook" is taking shape. The Troll you are seeing was finished relatively quick for me, only about 12 hours of work, and maybe 5 hours editing colors in photoshop. On that note I'm excited to be getting a new Wacom tablet soon, so that I will be able to paint digitally. When that happens I believe my artwork will be done faster, and will only get better. I am reading the draft and tweaking it here and there, playing the roles of the three main characters and using a character sheet. I will say that the RPG element, even though simple is extensive enough to keep me busy for a long time. It seemed much easier to create my own RPG's when I was a teenager, I will admit that much. The RPG is based on a 1d6, or a regular die. It really has to be a 1d6 model game because even though exotic dice are readily available in today's gamer world, I want Maelorum to be a book first and foremost, and a game second - one that anyone can play. At some point here I am going to have to recruit my friends for the beta testing, now that the story is done and the images are almost finished. As far as deadlines, I am hoping to see Maelorum being sold online, at conventions, and in some local bookstores by the end of the Summer. I am planning a modified E-book version, and a hardback version. Possibly a paperback if you don't mind black and white. Thanks for your support!

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