Sunday, November 6, 2011

Second Draft in progress!

It's been an age since I blogged. Take that more as an indicator that I have been working steadfast on the book, not that I have nothing to say. Plus life has just kept me that busy. Actually I post more frequently on the Facebook site. Anyways, I am currently writing the second draft. Basically I am rewriting the endings for all three characters because I came up with a new concept for the place of the final battle. Think of how video game developers create level design, and you get the idea. It should give me some artistic freedom to do something much more dramatic and rewarding. I expect to finish this second draft within two months and then off to someone who can edit professionally. So I painted this from a sketch I did many months ago, illustrating the ruins of a gaunt dwarven face with a beard of lava. I will probably touch this up some more, but for now here is a sneak peek. Thanks again for reading!

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